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Cover Story: Giving Back Makes a Comeback

Students find innovative ways to volunteer in the community in the face of a global pandemic. 'We can still make a difference—even through a screen.'

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photo of John Toscano

Since the coronavirus arrived in the United States, various words and phrases have become a regular part of our lexicon ... One word that I have not heard quite as much, but that I have witnessed a great deal of at Johns Hopkins, is resilience.

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“I am all for people finding enjoyment and beauty wherever and whenever they can. But I do think there’s an opportunity to sync with these images and the photographers and with other women pictured in the archive. We can do all of these things at once. We can hold the pandemic and the protests and the beauty of Viola Davis and her magnificent back—her stunning image—and hold that constant with what is meant to have been inspired by, and what is in the archive that also adds to that and complicates it.” 

Jessica Marie Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of History, on the controversy stirred by cover photos featuring actress Viola Davis and gymnast Simone Biles in Vanity Fair and Vogue, respectively. 

Vox, July 23, 2020

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