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Cover Story: Giving Back Makes a Comeback

Students find innovative ways to volunteer in the community in the face of a global pandemic. 'We can still make a difference—even through a screen.'

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photo of John Toscano

Since the coronavirus arrived in the United States, various words and phrases have become a regular part of our lexicon ... One word that I have not heard quite as much, but that I have witnessed a great deal of at Johns Hopkins, is resilience.

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“If we don’t take drastic measures soon, many, many more millions of people are going to be in dire straits. If we don’t act fast, if we don’t pass legislation to put money in people’s pockets so they can pay their bills, society is really going to suffer. And I would want to emphasize that it’s not even about helping individual people that drives this. It’s that society doesn’t function when people are so impoverished and desperate.” 

Meredith Greif, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Sociology, on the affordable housing crisis intensified by the pandemic.

WJCL (Savannah, Georgia), July 30, 2020 

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