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Section: Research

Decoding Digital Humanities

Spring 2023

The Center for Digital Humanities help scholars combine the powers of the human brain with...

Evan Mawarire and #thisflag

Fall 2022

Evan Mawarire, the inaugural Dissident-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins’ SNF Agora Institute, is on a mission...

Making Brand New Materials

Fall 2022

Rebekka Klausen’s lab showed that linking together hexagon-shaped silicon molecules in a zig-zag fashion was...

The Search for Dark Matter

Fall 2021

Assistant Professor Danielle Speller discusses her new lab and her front-running research for dark matter...

What’s Old is New Again

Spring 2021

Emily Anderson, assistant professor of classics, and her team of 11 students are examining how...


Spring 2021

Assistant Professor Thomas Kempa uses chemistry as a tool to sculpt nano and quantum materials,...