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A New Home for Blue Jays Lacrosse

On February 15, Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels announced plans to build a new facility that “will once again set Johns Hopkins apart from any lacrosse program in the country.”

Construction on the Cordish Lacrosse Center, named after principal donor David Cordish, is scheduled to begin in June, and the building will ultimately serve as a home for all things

Hopkins lacrosse. Located at the east end of Homewood Field, the center “will have an immediate impact on the experience of our student-athletes, alumni, fans, and recruits,” predicts men’s lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala. He adds, “The Cordish Lacrosse Center—dedicated solely to our lacrosse programs—clearly demonstrates Johns Hopkins’ unrivaled commitment to men’s and women’s lacrosse.”

Here’s a closer look at the building that’s expected to set the new standard in collegiate lacrosse facilities:

0: Number of facilities in the United States that are solely
devoted to men’s and women’s lacrosse. The Cordish Lacrosse Center will be the first.

$10 million: Cost to design, build, and equip the
state-of-the-art lacrosse facility.

100: Percent of the funds for the Cordish Lacrosse Center provided by donors.

14,000: The center’s expected volume in square feet, providing space for locker rooms for the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, office space for coaching staff, a 50-person theater, a conference room, an academic center, and a training room.

2: Number of floors in the building. The second floor will have
an outdoor balcony overlooking Homewood Field—perfect for receptions and game viewing.

2012: The year the center will be completed. The teams
are expected to fully occupy the facility by the end of the 2012 lacrosse season.

128: Years that have passed since Johns Hopkins’ first lacrosse team formed in 1883.

44: Times the men’s lacrosse team has won a national championship.

39: Current streak of consecutive NCAA Tournament qualifications.