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Hopkins Symphony Orchestra Turns 30

I was intrigued to read about the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra’s 30th anniversary [Spring 2012]. When I was an undergraduate in the early 1960s, I played cello in the “Hopkins Orchestra.” I particularly remember our performance of the Chopin Piano Concerto #1, in which the pianist missed a few entrances, but the skill of the conductor kept the piece on track. In light of my participation in that orchestra back in the ’60s, which similarly included students, faculty, and community members, how do you explain that the orchestra is celebrating only 30 years of existence?

David L. Terzian ’67

Editor’s Note: Various incarnations of an orchestra on campus occurred prior to 1980, including a Goucher-Hopkins Orchestra in the 1970s and a group called Hopkins Orchestra. The Goucher-Hopkins Orchestra disbanded in 1978, and the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra relaunched in 1982 with consistent administrative and school support, resulting in the orchestra we have now.