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Nine Krieger School Professors Named Fellows of American Mathematical Society


Nine faculty members from the Department of Mathematics are among the more than 1,000 mathematical scientists from around the world who have been named fellows of the American Mathematical Society for 2013, the program’s initial year. This honor recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics. The program aims to spotlight mathematicians whose peers see them as the best minds in the field.

Professors William P. Minicozzi, Bernard Shiffman, Christopher D. Sogge, Joel Spruck, W. Stephen Wilson, and Steven M. Zucker, and professors emeriti J. Michael Boardman, Jun-ichi Igusa (not shown), and Takashi Ono are the inaugural fellows from the Krieger School. Hats off as well to colleague Edward Scheinerman, a professor in the Whiting School of Engineering’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, who was also named a fellow of the AMS.

“The AMS is the world’s largest and most influential society dedicated to mathematical research, scholarship, and education,” says AMS President Eric M. Friedlander. “Recent advances in mathematics include solutions to age-old problems and key applications useful for society. The new AMS Fellows Program recognizes some of the most accomplished mathematicians—AMS members who have contributed to our understanding of deep and important mathematical questions, to applications throughout the scientific world, and to educational excellence.”