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Science of Learning Institute


The science of how humans learn is a complex, multitiered challenge. With the recently launched university-wide Science of Learning Institute, Johns Hopkins experts are positioned to be transformative leaders in understanding how we learn.

The website for the Science of Learning Institute illustrates its mission to understand the nature of learning at all levels of scientific inquiry, from changes at the level of synapses to the nature of cognitive change over the life span and the implications of these for education and learning in formal and informal settings.

Moving through the site you can see some of the provocative questions the institute’s work will address, such as, How does genetic variation interact with the environment to change development? Viewers can also explore the research and laboratories of professors like Michael McCloskey, whose cognitive science team is working to discover and treat a new form of reading impairment. Or take a virtual visit to the Computational Sensory–Motor Systems Lab, where neuroengineers design prosthetic devices that interface with the brain and spinal cord, posing exciting new possibilities for those with spinal injury.

The institute also provides funding opportunities to individuals and teams exploring the science of learning.