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Cool student videos, super-easy navigation, colorful “fields of study” pages—these are just a few of the features you can find in the newly designed Krieger School of Arts and Sciences website.

It’s been about five years since the site has undergone a redesign, and that’s a long time in the Web world. The primary goals of the redesign are to better attract and engage prospective undergraduate and graduate students, to improve navigation throughout the site for all users, and to continue to share all the interesting news about the Krieger School.

The new site allows for easy exploration of the school’s many academic departments, centers, and programs. The home page features dynamic photos that illustrate the mission of the Krieger School, while the news and events page will keep you up to date about what’s happening on campus and in the community. In addition, the research section has been expanded so you can see what our students are up to in the lab and in the field.

Currently the Krieger School home page and several academic departments have adopted the new design. Within the coming year, all departments, centers, and programs will be upgraded.

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