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Curriculum Vitae: Daniel Weiss


[Photo by William Atkins, The George Washington University]

Daniel Weiss is an art historian, author, and university administrator. He currently serves as President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


  • 1979 Earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in art history at George Washington University
  • 1982  Completed a master’s with concentrations in medieval and modern art from Johns Hopkins University
  • 1985  Received an MBA from the Yale School of Management
  • 1992  Returned to Hopkins to earn a PhD in history of art with concentrations in western medieval and Byzantine art and a minor in classical Greek art and architecture

Work History

  • 2015–present
    President of the Metropolitan
    Museum of Art
  • 2013–15
    President, Haverford College, Pennsylvania
  • 2005–13
    President, Lafayette College, Pennsylvania
  • 2002–05
    James B. Knapp Dean,
    Johns Hopkins University
    Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • 2001–02
    Dean of Faculty, Johns Hopkins University
  • 1992–01
    Professor and department head,
    History of Art
  • 1985–89
    Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton


Art and Crusade in the Age of Saint Louis

The Book of Kings: Art, War, and the Morgan Library’s Medieval Picture Bible

France and the Holy Land

Remaking College

In His Own Words

“I have had a lifelong interest and involvement in this museum [the Met] as an art historian and as a professor of art history. I’ve been coming here since I was in high school and it never occurred to me I’d work here. The idea to come here and be a part of this community as my job, my first reaction was how fortunate I am.”

“I believe that effective leadership is collaborative, and that the best ideas come from sharing our ambitions in a serious and candid way so that, at the end of our process, ownership and credit are widely shared.”
Haverford magazine

“[The Met needs] to be welcoming to everyone who has an interest in art, not just scholars.” 
The New York Times