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More Faculty Books


Seals, Craft, and Community in Bronze Age Crete
Cambridge University Press, 2016
By Emily Anderson, Senior Lecturer, Classics and History of Art
Explores the link between sealstones excavated across Crete, the identities of their distant owners, and socio-cultural innovation in the Aegean.


What Washington Gets Wrong: The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and Their Misconceptions about the American People
Prometheus Books, 2016
Co-authored by Jennifer Bachner, Program Director/Lecturer, Advanced Academic Programs
Benjamin Ginsberg, David Bernstein Professor, Political Science

An analysis of the gap between unelected government officials’ perceptions of the
American public and the actual facts.


Inca Garcilaso and Contemporary World-Making
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016
Co-edited by Sara Castro-Klarén, Professor, German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Offers new perspectives on the work of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega in pre-Columbian history, culture, and the ensuing colonial period.


Black Prometheus: Race and Radicalism in the Age of Atlantic Slavery
Oxford University Press, 2016
By Jared Hickman, Assistant Professor, English
Examines the 19th-century use of Prometheus, the myth of the usurper, and slavery discourse.


The Oxford Handbook of American Political Development
Oxford University Press, 2016
By Robert Lieberman, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Political Science
Provides an authoritative and accessible analysis of the study of American political development.


Economics of Means-Tested Transfer Programs in the United States, Volumes I and II
The University of Chicago Press, 2016
By Robert A. Moffitt, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Economics
A discussion of the changes in means-tested government programs and the results of research over the past decade.


From Parchment to Cyberspace: Medieval Literature in the Digital Age
Peter Lang Inc., 2016
By Stephen Nichols, James M. Beall Professor Emeritus, German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Discusses the importance of studying high-resolution digital images of original manuscripts to analyze medieval literature.


Kafka’s Blues: Figurations of Racial Blackness in the Construction of an Aesthetic
Northwestern University Press, 2016
By Mark Christian Thompson, Professor, English
Explores racial identity and the aesthetic of blackness through Kafka’s major works.


African Futures: Essays on Crisis, Emergence, and Possibility
The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Co-edited by Juan Obarrio, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Addresses the uncertainties of Africa’s future through social, political, religious, and economic viewpoints.