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More Faculty Books

Displaying Time: The Many Temporalities of the Festival of India
University of Washington Press, 2017
By Rebecca Brown
History of Art
An analysis of a selection of museum shows that were part of the Festival of India, which unfolded new exhibitionary modes.

Sabbatian Heresy: Writings on Mysticism, Messianism, and the Origins of Jewish Modernity
Brandeis, 2017
Edited by Pawel Maciejko
Examines key writings on Sabbatianism and its legacy and afterlife in Jewish culture, memory, and religion.

The Ninth Hour: A Novel
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2017
By Alice McDermott
The Writing Seminars
Story of a widow, her daughter, and the nuns who serve their Irish-American community in Brooklyn during the 20th century.

The Oxford Handbook of Hegel
Oxford University Press, 2017
By Dean Moyar
Examines all of Hegel’s published works in chronological order and includes chapters on the newly edited lecture series that he conducted in the 1820s.

Spectral Sea: Mediterranean Palimpsests in European Culture
Peter Lang Publishing, 2017
Edited by Stephen Nichols
German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Explores the dynamics of cultural confrontation between Europe and the Mediterranean world from medieval to modern times.

Crumpled Paper Boat: Experiments in Ethnographic Writing
Duke University Press, 2017
Edited by Anand Pandian
Methodological reflections on problems of writerly heritage, craft, and responsibility in anthropology through original essays from notable writers.

French Comedy at the time of Henry III
Leo S. Olschki, 2017
Co-authored by Eugenio Refini
German and Romance Languages and Literatures
Includes annotated editions of six plays from the period 1580-1589.

The Surveyors: Poems
Knopf, 2017
By Mary Jo Salter
The Writing Seminars
A collection of poems focused on puzzlement and acceptance in the face of life’s surprises.