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Snapshot: From the Office of Jimmy Joe Roche

photo of Jimmy Joe Roche

I just read all the Harry Potter books and thought about how cool Hogwarts was, especially all the things in Dumbledore’s office. So I’m trying to channel the interesting, inspiring, and even weird in my own space. I’m not a Luddite, but you learn things from using older technology, and I like to take students back to when that stuff was new and cutting edge.”
Jimmy Joe Roche, Lecturer, Program in Film and Media Studies

Roche’s shelves include a 1960s era Eiki Slim Line 16mm projector, a gift from colleague Karen Yasinsky; a box of DIY special effect camera lenses; and audiocassettes he produces under his own label, Ultra Violet Light. The CD on the middle shelf contains the work of his father, visual artist Jim Roche. The hairy paw is a mysterious acquisition. Roche, an interdisciplinary artist who teaches courses in video and sound production, is at work on his first narrative film, The Skin of Man.

photo of shelves of things in Jimmy Joe Roche's office