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More Faculty Books

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Disenfranchised: The Rise and Fall of Industrial Citizenship in China
By Joel Andreas

Explores the changing political status of Chinese factory workers from 1949 to the present.

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The Suicide’s Son
Co-authored by James Arthur
The Writing Seminars

Poetry that explores the complicated personal histories that parents inherit, add to, and pass on, against a backdrop of political turmoil.

How to Be a Pyrrhonist: The Practice and Significance of Pyrrhonian Skepticism
By Richard Bett

Examines Pyrrhonism’s manner of self-presentation, argumentative procedures, and what it meant in practice.

The Firebird and the Fox: Russian Culture under Tsars and Bolsheviks
By Jeffrey Brooks

Explores the shared traditions, mutual influences, and enduring themes that recurred in Russian literature, art, music, and dance.

Climate Machines, Fascist Drives, and Truth
By William Connolly
Political Science

Examines entanglements between volatile earth processes and emerging cultural practices.

Ocean Circulation in Three Dimensions
Co-authored by Thomas Haine
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Surveys both observations and theories of the time-mean circulation.

Only Among Women: Philosophies of Community in the Russian and Soviet Imagination, 1860–1940
By Anne Eakin Moss
Comparative Thought and Literature

Reveals how the idea of a community of women originates in the classic Russian novel, fuels mystical notions of unity in turn-of-the-century modernism, and assumes a place of privilege in Stalinist culture.

Science, Technology, and Art in International Relations
Co-edited by Renée Marlin-Bennett
Political Science

Shows the link between global politics and human interventions in the world through science, technology, and artistic endeavors.

Black Land: Imperial Ethiopianism and African America
By Nadia Nurhussein

Illuminates the increasing tensions and ironies behind cultural celebrations of an African country asserting itself as an imperial power.

Sex Changes with Kleist
By Katrin Pahl
German and Romance Languages and Literatures

Analyzes how dramatist and poet Heinrich von Kleist responded to a change in the conception of sex and gender.

A Possible Anthropology: Methods for Uneasy Times
By Anand Pandian

Investigates the moral and political horizons of anthropological inquiry, and the creative and transformative potential of an experimental practice.