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Change of Pace

Between the fall and spring semesters, Johns Hopkins offers Intersession. Students can take one or two courses, graded pass/fail, which are typically not offered during the regular semester.  

Students are often drawn to Intersession as an opportunity to explore new fields and interests, as well as the chance to spend more unstructured time getting to know Baltimore. For example, Intersession’s B’More Program offers one-week courses for first-year students. The courses are designed to immerse students in Baltimore, connecting them with civic and cultural resources through opportunities to contribute during social and service activities. Students often form lasting bonds during these courses. 

By the Numbers: Intersession

  • 175 courses 
  • 2,020 students
  • 18 courses held abroad
  • 13 years for the B’More Program
  • 19 interdepartmental courses