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More Faculty Books

Book cover of Ravenous

Ravenous: Otto Warburg, the Nazis, and the Search for the Cancer-Diet Connection

By Sam Apple  
Advanced Academic Programs  

Story of the scientific genius who discovered how cancer cells eat―and what it means for how we should. 

cover of Immigrant Incorporation book

Immigrant Incorporation in East Asian Democracies 

By Erin Aeran Chung  
Political Science  

How the legacies of past struggles for democracy shape current movements for immigrant rights. 

book cover of The Office of Historical Corrections

The Office of Historical Corrections: A Novella and Stories 

By Danielle Evans  
The Writing Seminars  

A collection that speaks to issues of race, culture, and history. 

cover of on being and becoming

On Being and Becoming: An Existentialist Approach to Life 

By Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei  
Modern Languages and Literatures 

Shows how attention to the human self can be intertwined with ways of conceiving the world and others. 

Book cover of Prisms of the People

Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America  

Co-authored by Hahrie Han 
Political Science  

Addresses how grassroots groups achieve their goals. 

book cover of Unlocking the Potential of Post-industrial Cities

Unlocking the Potential of Post-industrial Cities 

Co-authored by Matthew Kahn  

Why some people and places thrive during economic inequality while others don’t. 

cover of Inventions of Nemesis book

Inventions of Nemesis: Utopia, Indignation, and Justice 

By Douglas Mao  

Explores literary and philosophical writing about ideal societies. 

Book cover of Randomly Moving Particles

Randomly Moving Particles: Poems 

By Andrew Motion  
The Writing Seminars 

A collection addressing subjects from space exploration to violence.   

book cover of Revolution in Development

Revolution in Development: Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy  

By Christy Thornton  

The influence of post-revolutionary Mexico on the 20th century’s international economic institutions.