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Top Faculty Books Spring 2022

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Segregated Time  

By P.J. Brendese  
Political Science 

Explores how racial inequality functions as an imposition on human time.

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Capitalist Economics 

By Samuel A. Chambers 
Political Science 

Explains the economic forces that shape the present and structure the future of capitalist societies. 

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Rubens in Repeat: The Logic of the Copy in Colonial Latin America 

By Aaron Hyman
History of Art

Examines the reception in Latin America of prints designed by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens. 

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Shelter: A Black Tale of Homeland, Baltimore  

By Lawrence Jackson 
English and History  

A stirring consideration of homeownership, fatherhood, race, faith, and the history of an American city.

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The Consumer Revolution, 1650-1800  

By Michael Kwass  

A fresh interpretation of the politics of consumption in the age of abolitionism and the Atlantic Revolutions. 

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Rhyme’s Rooms: The Architecture of Poetry  

By Brad Leithauser 
The Writing Seminars  

Explores the building blocks of poetry and how they’ve been used over centuries to assemble the most imperishable poems

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Blue Boy

By Jean McGarry  
The Writing Seminars 

The story of an art historian with gargantuan ambition and hubris.

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Zoom Rooms  

By Mary Jo Salter   
The Writing Seminars

A poetry collection that considers the strangeness of our recent existence with the enduring constants in our lives.

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Modernism and the Meaning of Corporate Persons  

By Lisa Siraganian  
Comparative Thought and Literature 

Shows how corporate personhood was used to explore questions of agency and intention.

Phenomenal Blackness: Black Power, Philosophy, and Theory  

By Mark Christian Thompson 

Examines the changing investments of key mid-century Black writers and thinkers, including their growing interest in German philosophy and critical theory.