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New Faculty Books Fall 2022

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The Migration-Development Regime: How Class Shapes Indian Emigration  

By Rina Agarwala 

Explores how India has used its poor and elite emigrants to further Indian development. 

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The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion 

By Sean Carroll 
Physics and Philosophy

Introduces a way of seeing that will resonate across cultural and generational boundaries. 

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Collateral Damages: Landlords and the Urban Housing Crisis 

By Meredith Greif

Investigates how local laws and practices perpetuate disadvantage among marginalized populations and communities. 

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City on the Edge: Hong Kong Under Chinese Rule 

By Ho-fung Hung

Offers insight into the fraught economic, political, and social forces that led to the 2019 uprising in Hong Kong. 

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On the Path to the Place of Rest: Demotic Graffiti Relating to the Ibis and Falcon Cult from the Spanish Mission at Dra Abu El-naga

Co-authored by Richard Jasnow
Near Eastern Studies

A holistic study of the twilight of Pharaonic history that represents a true collaboration between archaeologists and philologists.

The Last Revolutionaries: The Conspiracy Trial of Gracchus Babeuf and the Equals

By Laura Mason

A retelling of the trial of Gracchus Babeuf, who fought to revive the French Revolution. 

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Polygamy: A Very Short Introduction

By Sarah M.S. Pearsall

Explores what plural marriages reveal about the inner workings of marriage and describes the controversies surrounding it. 

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Elements of ∞-Category Theory 

Co-authored by Emily Riehl

Develops the theory of ∞-categories from first principles in a model-independent fashion. 

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The Critique of Nonviolence: Martin Luther King, Jr., and Philosophy

By Mark Christian Thompson

Reveals the depth of King’s political-theological critique of police violence as the illegitimate appropriation of the racialized state of exception.