Stories by Richard Byrne

Border Crossings

Spring 2019

William Brumfield’s books on Russian architecture have won him considerable acclaim.

Camera Ready

Spring 2019

Rachel Witkin ’14 has been rising through the ranks of NBC’s television news division and...

The Power of Cork

Spring 2019

David A. Taylor’s new book, Cork Wars, relates how the buoyant bark of a specific...

The Science of Speculation

Fall 2018

Professor of philosophy Peter Achinstein’s new book, Speculation: Within and About Science, is a powerful...

Syllabus: Acting Up

Fall 2018

In Acting I, John Astin '52 uses his six decades of acting experience to teach...

Finding Authentic Voices

Spring 2018

Teri Weiss ’89 is senior vice president, head of preschool at DreamWorks Animation Television.

A Place Apart

Spring 2018

Alice McDermott’s latest novel, The Ninth Hour, developed from her desire to understand selflessness, self-sacrifice,...

Mobtown’s Charmed History

Fall 2017

In Baltimore: A Political History Matthew Crenson looks at the manifold forces that influenced and...

Reopening the Case

Spring 2017

In a new biography, Chester B. Himes, Lawrence Jackson identifies Himes as a key figure...