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Issue: Spring 2015, Volume 12, Number 2


Other Lives

From flamenco dancing to powerlifting, many professors in the School of Arts and Sciences lead dramatically different lives outside the classroom.

Resilient to the Core

What happens when hardworking students encounter discouraging obstacles? Meet a few Hopkins students who have demonstrated resiliency in the face of daunting challenges.

The Eyes Have It

By examining randomness on a microscopic level, biologist Robert Johnston and his team are working to better understand gene regulation.

Play Ball!

The Blue Jays are loving their new state-of-the-art Babb Field at Stromberg Stadium. Check out their first win in the new digs.


Drug Restores Brain Function and Memory in Early Alzheimer’s Disease

A novel therapeutic approach for an existing drug reverses a condition in elderly patients who are at high risk for dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease.

New Aronson Center Will Address World Problems, Train Future Leaders

Jeff and Shari Aronson’s gift will bring the Krieger School and SAIS (JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies) together in closer collaboration.

Big Data Expert Named Bloomberg Professor

Alexander Szalay, a professor in the Krieger School’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, has been named a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor.

Science Postdocs Take to the Classroom

The Dean’s Postdoctoral Science Teaching Fellowships program has two goals: to offer more small science courses to undergrads, and to help postdocs develop their own courses and teaching experience.

Krieger School Welcomes New Dean

Get to know the new dean of the Krieger School, Beverly Wendland.

New Major in Medicine, Science, and the Humanities

Students who want to explore the intersections between medicine and the humanities will be interested in a new interdisciplinary major.

New Computing Center Will Deliver a Hefty Digital Punch

Two Maryland universities are preparing to open the nation’s sixth largest academic computing center.

From the Dean's Desk: New Vision for the Krieger School

As the newly named James B. Knapp Dean, my job now is to begin formulating a vision for the School of Arts and Sciences.

Is There Value in Violence?

Benjamin Ginsberg, the David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and the director of JHU’s Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, explores the worth of violence.

Finding the Payoff in Classroom Misbehavior

Economics graduate student Victor Rondo is examining why women make less money than men, and his research has taken some unexpected turns.


Improving Life for Kids with Facial Deformities

For nearly 25 years, Ethylin Wang Jabs ’74 has been a mutation hunter. Her ultimate goal? To improve life for the hundreds of children born each year with facial deformities, by finding genetic causes and developing drugs for prevention and treatment.

"The Professor" Who Hit the Big Leagues

Dave Leonhard ’62’s tenure with the Orioles coincided with the team’s glory years, including three consecutive trips to the World Series.

The Remediator

Scott Neese ’81 PhD launched an environmental consulting company focusing on remediation of common laboratory hazards.

Putting the Virgo Cluster on the Map

Laura Ferrarese ’95 PhD says she pursued her graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University at just the right time. It was the early 1990s, and the Hubble Space Telescope was sending its first images back to Earth.


Unraveling the True Machiavelli

Niccoló Machiavelli gets a bum rap, charges Christopher Celenza, chairman of the Department of Classics and Charles Homer Haskins Professor, in his new book, Machiavelli: A Portrait.

Getting Hands-on with Ancient Greece

Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics isn’t a conventional class; it is a new hands-on course in experiential archaeology.

More Faculty Books

See what our faculty members have recently published.


Katrina Rios '15: Improving Dialysis Experience

Katrina Rios is conducting a pilot study on mental health improvements through activity-based learning in dialysis patients.

Piper Janoe '16: Refugee Stories

The research of Piper Janoe is a pilot study aimed at discovering what it’s like to be a child refugee in the United States.

Helen Zhao '16: Vaccination Wars

Helen Zhao is using philosophy to explore the controversial topic of vaccines.

Ahmed Elsayyad '15: Rethinking Clinical Trials

Ahmed Elsayyad is investigating the ethical implications of an alternative way to get consent for human subject research.

Arielle Kaden ’16: Saving the Shtetlach

Arielle Kaden is researching the resurgence of Jewish life in Europe in the post-Holocaust era.

William Cunningham '16 and Alexander Delavega '16: Rocket to the 14th Century

Two physics majors are designing and reconstructing a Ming Dynasty rocket mentioned in 14th-century Chinese military treatises.

James Keiler '17: Unlocking Parkinson's Disease

Neuroscience major James Keiler’s lab is using gene knockout to try to isolate the protein responsible for the propagation of Parkinson’s disease.

Web Exclusives

Jesse Chen '16: Asian-American Sensibilities

Jesse Chen traveled to major cities to interview a broad range of Asian-American people and to film them for a documentary.