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Teach for America

Harry Black
Philosophy and International Studies
Appointment: New Orleans, Louisiana

“I want to be a part of the largest education-reform movement in American history and help New Orleans get back up on its feet.”

Jamie Edwards
Behavioral Biology and Near Eastern Studies
Appointment: Newark, New Jersey

“I am excited to inspire my future students beyond the traditional course work by integrating imaginative approaches into their curriculum. Teaching science has its perks, because by nature the material is hands-on and experiential, offering me the opportunity and challenge to further cultivate students’ interests.”

Juliette Eisner
International Studies
Appointment: New York City, New York

“I am excited to play a helpful role in a child’s life on more than just the educational level. I hope to form relationships with the kids in a way that will have an impact on their lives beyond academics.”

Chinedu Jon-Emefieh
Appointment: Baltimore, Maryland

“Underachieving and underprivileged students are often faced with fewer resources to succeed in school and consequently lower expectations for scholastic achievement. I have every intention of setting my expectation bar high and helping students attain academic success and educational equality.”

Jasmine Hope
Public Health Studies
Appointment: Phoenix, Arizona

“I am most excited to be an efficient, effective teacher, and to see the results of my students actually learning.”

Sam Lichtenstein
International Studies
Appointment: Houston, Texas

“I put Houston on my list specifically because it was different from my hometown—New York City. As someone who wants to pursue a career in international relations, I was once told that I could only understand America’s place in the world by living all over the country. As a result, I am looking forward to getting to know my adopted city, the fourth largest in the country, and all it has to offer. Just don’t tell anyone I’m a vegetarian…” (Sorry Sam, cat’s out of the bag.)

Luis M. Oros
Appointment: Island of Oahu, Hawaii

“I figured that if selected, being of Hispanic heritage and a modest background, I would most likely be placed somewhere in the Southwest. As a result, my top choices were all Southwest cities where I thought I could have the greatest impact. I then, however, noticed Hawaii and thought to myself, ‘When else in my life will I get a chance to live in Hawaii?’ I made it my number one choice for placement, thinking there was no chance. Thankfully, I was wrong.”

Sara Johanna Santos
International Studies
Appointment: Denver, Colorado

“As a reading teacher, I cannot wait to find ways to get my students excited about books. When I was in 6th grade, I read my first Jane Austen novel and fell in love with literature. I hope I can guide students to some of the same joys I’ve had reading. I cannot wait to find out the books I will be teaching!”