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Sarah Horton ’14: Immigration and Housing

Sarah Horton '14The Research

International studies major Sarah Horton is curious about Baltimore’s growing Hispanic population and the impact it might have on the city’s housing market and overall development. That’s why she is using her Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award to start investigating why many Hispanic immigrants choose to come to Baltimore. From there she plans to explore how that population growth is changing the housing market. Using a mixed method approach, Horton is attempting to determine if there is a correlation between the two. She believes that observing the change over time of these factors will shed light on the role of  immigration in shaping urban development policy.

In Her Own Words

“I am excited to begin quantitative research using the statistical and mapping skills that I learned in a class last semester. This project is really rewarding because I’m learning about future possibilities as well as challenges of urban development.”

Adviser: Barbara Morgan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics