Topic: social sciences

Minimizing Wildfire Damage

Spring 2023

Neuroscience major Nandita Balaji is also the COO of InfernoGuard, a startup wildfire assessment tool...

Reining in Gun Violence

Spring 2023

Public Health Studies major Kobi Khong works with the Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions...

Evan Mawarire and #thisflag

Fall 2022

Evan Mawarire, the inaugural Dissident-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins’ SNF Agora Institute, is on a mission...

Field Notes: Stock Answers

Spring 2021

Junior Johnny Saldana is finding and analyzing financial trends with large datasets, trying to find...

Syllabus: From Idea to Animation

Spring 2021

Students created hand-drawn characters and videos for Karen Yasinsky’s Animating Cartoons course last semester.