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Kelsey Champagne '15: History Detective

The Research

Kelsey Champagne, a double major in English and French, is using resources at Oxford University to piece together the life of Solomon Aldred, a former Catholic who became a spy for the Protestant Elizabethan government in 1584. Very little research has been done on Aldred, so secondary sources are scarce and consist mainly of letters written to, by, or about Aldred. Champagne’s work meticulously creates a micro-history of a little known historical figure.

In Her Own Words

“My research allows me to immerse myself in an entirely different world and to play detective. Because there are so few resources available to me, I feel extremely accomplished and proud every time I make a new discovery, because it truly is new not just to me but to the field in which I work. As a result of my research, I am now seriously considering pursuing a master’s degree and ultimately a PhD in this field.”

Elizabeth Patton, Visiting Assistant Professor, Humanities Center

Earle Havens, Curator of Rare Books, Scholarly Resources, and Special Collections, Sheridan Libraries