Topic: humanities

Notable: Daniel Schlosberg

Spring 2024

Alumnus Daniel Schlosberg is a Grammy-nominated pianist who has performed throughout the U.S. He has...

And…ACTION! Hopkins in L.A.

Spring 2024

Krieger School students network in Hollywood with studio executives, television writers, and more during intersession.

Syllabus: Stagecraft

Spring 2024

Bill Roche's Stagecraft class teaches students the hands-on approach to technical and theoretical elements of...

Collection Affection

Spring 2024

Art historian Irene Kabala ’01 PhD discusses her collection of between 1,000 and 1,500 artifacts...

Entwining Cognitive Quilting

Spring 2024

Daniela Rodriguez ’24 uses textiles to express cognitive concepts, such as memory consolidation, in quilts...

Footprints from the Past

Fall 2023

Doctoral candidates Emma Bilski and her students share important insights they gained as part of...