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Olivia Schieber '14: Soldiers of South Korea

The Research

Olivia Schieber’s project took her to South Korea. She wanted to determine whether participation in the South Korean military (which is mandatory for men over age 19) shapes the way these men view North Korea as a threat and how they view the U.S. military presence in South Korea. Schieber found that while civilian South Koreans hardly think of the North Korean threat in their daily lives, soldiers often report a different experience. Many interviewees were also conflicted about the role the United States should play in South Korea’s military affairs.

In Her Own Words

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear firsthand from Korean nationals about their military experience—information that is typically only found in Korean. I’m excited to bring this information to light in English. This opportunity inspired me to pursue a project that might not otherwise be attempted by an undergraduate. It has really strengthened my research skills.”

Adviser: Erin Chung, Charles D. Miller Associate Professor of East Asian Politics, Political Science