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Danielle Gilbert '15: Incan Ingenuity

The Research

The research of Danielle Gilbert, an archaeology and English double major with a minor in museums and society, examines the connections between public architecture, expressions of power, and social organization. This past summer, she traveled to Peru to study Inca architecture and to work on an archaeological excavation at Panquilma, a site located in the Lurín Valley on the country’s central coast that was occupied by the Ychsma during the Late Intermediate and Late Horizon periods prior to the Inca occupation of the valley.

In Her Own Words

“The preservation of these ancient sites is remarkable and a testament to the ingenuity of these cultures. I am excited to investigate the tangible remains in order to obtain a better understanding of social relationships that are no longer preserved.”

Adviser: Lisa DeLeonardis, Austen-Stokes Professor of Arts of the Ancient Americas, History of Art