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Jenny "Em" Mitchell '15: Mormon Stories

The Research

Psychology major Jenny Mitchell’s research looks closely at sexuality and gender issues in the Mormon Church. Over two summer sessions, Mitchell interviewed LGBT individuals who were also involved in Latter Day Saints (Mormon) culture in Provo, Utah, and in Singapore. She hopes to translate some of the stories she gleaned into a fictional screenplay.

In Her Own Words

“This research project has been one of my most eye-opening experiences while at Hopkins. Doing interviews instead of surveys has allowed me to get at some very intimate stories and really see the range of experiences that are possible for LGBT Mormons. Additionally, keeping in touch with my interviewees over a year later has allowed me to see the changes and consistency in their situations. I would say what I have learned the most through this research is that a label cannot delineate all the traits of any individual and definitely cannot give you more than a snapshot of that individual’s life context.”

Adviser: Roberto Busó-García, Faxon Fund Practicing Artist, Writing Seminars