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Part-time Graduate Programs Expand

The Krieger School’s Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) is offering three new part-time graduate degrees and/or certificates in the areas of science writing, intelligence, and government analytics.

“These new programs are reflective of the science, analytics, and excellence in writing for which Johns Hopkins is known,” says Kathleen Burke, associate dean for graduate and professional programs. “Their online and part-time formats provide more choice for students while maintaining the quality that is the hallmark of the university.”

The online/low-residency Science Writing program is a natural offshoot of AAP’s MA in Writing Program, where science writing had been taught as a concentration for 21 years. The program offers both a certificate and a degree track. Science Writing students learn to translate the complicated information and trends of science, medicine, and technology into meaningful, perceptive prose that serves a vital public purpose.

The Certificate in Intelligence is designed for students who are interested in intelligence, whether as national security professionals or as citizens and taxpayers. The certificate complements the current MA and certificate offerings in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. The program provides students with an understanding of the ways in which the United States practices intelligence; the purposes to which it puts intelligence; the limits upon intelligence—practical, legal, ethical and theoretical; and the important debates about the issue.

The Government Analytics Program prepares students to become leaders in the big data revolution. The program can be completed as a Master of Science degree or by students seeking a stand-alone credential in analytics, or by those who wish to supplement one of their other degree programs, such as the MA in Government, MA in Public Management, or MA in Global Security Studies. Students in both tracks will develop expertise in analytical methods, which are increasingly relied upon by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.