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Major Infatuation: Biophysics

In no more than three sentences, tell us why you love your major.

Biophysics is using every known scientific discipline at our disposal in the form of creative problem solving to understand more about the way life works.” Will Shuman ’17

Biophysics just sounds cool. And it applies physics to living systems and hopes to extract the simplistic nature of complex life.” Jack Korleski ’17

Biophysics isn’t about building or designing, it’s about realizing that nature has already built some of the most beautiful, complex, and elegant machines imaginable, and biophysicists want to understand how they work. It is the vast number of approaches to this problem that makes biophysics one of the most exciting fields to work in.”
Shawn Costello ’16

The answers to life’s ‘why’ questions lie in the study of biophysics. We study constellations of molecules, elegant equations, and the architecture of proteins—biophysics is truly an art
in its own way.” Camila Villasante ’17