Topic: natural sciences

Your Pet’s Best Bet

Spring 2024

Anne Chiruvolu '10 gives her advice, as a small-animal veterinarian, on how to care for...

Entwining Cognitive Quilting

Spring 2024

Daniela Rodriguez ’24 uses textiles to express cognitive concepts, such as memory consolidation, in quilts...

Stars in Her Eyes

Spring 2024

Jennifer Lotz PhD ’03 was recently named director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Easing the Impact of Strokes

Spring 2024

Junior Molly Zhao is studying neuroscience and economics. We spoke with her about her research...

Fathoming Protein Organization

Spring 2024

Margaret Johnson’s lab studies dynamical systems in biology, seeking to mathematically quantify how large molecules...

Reconstructing Earth History

Spring 2024

Krieger School students visited California, just outside Death Valley National Park, during an Immersive Field...

Growing Art from Agar

Web extra

Students in the From Proteins to Living Art intersession course spent two weeks pipetting and...

Do We Hear Silence?

Fall 2023

Psychological and Brain Sciences faculty and students investigate whether silence affects our auditory systems the...

Helping Avoid Opioid Relapse

Fall 2023

Robbie Kuang discusses her research on whether cannabidiol might help people cope better with opioid...