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Major Infatuation: Philosophy

In no more than three sentences, tell us why you love your major.

The most important lessons I have learned from philosophy are to listen; to take into account other arguments, even if they do not appeal to me; and to not be limited by dogmatic thought.” Ioana Grosu ’17

Philosophy means ‘lover of wisdom,’ but for me, it is characterized by a search for fundamental truths about the universe and oneself. I find philosophy so valuable because it has given me tools to critically view problems from other fields such as psychology
and biology.” Kevin Demario ’17

Philosophy’s allure is not in its ability to reveal esoteric truths to its practitioners, but rather in its capacity to make the banal, forgettable questions one asks oneself in the shower—such as ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and ‘Do we really have knowledge?’—come alive.”
Jared Mayer ’18

Philosophers delve into the most fundamental domains of thought and existence, up through the very practical questions of how one should live, and beyond. Philosophers never run out of interesting questions.” Dan Friedman ’17