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New Professors, Fall 2016

Janice Chen, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Research Interests: Real-world memory, cognitive neuroscience, temporal structure in cognition

Lan Cheng, Chemistry; Research Interests: Theoretical and computational chemistry

Jason Fischer, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Research Interests: Visual scene understanding using fMRI, psychophysics, computational modeling

Andrew Gordus, Biology; Research Interests: Understanding how novel and innate behaviors are encoded at the cellular and genetic level

Rigoberto Hernandez, Chemistry; Research Interests: Theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, physical chemistry

Katie Hindmarch-Watson, History; Research Interests: Modern Britain and the British Empire, urban space, gender and sexuality, labor and technology

Christopher Honey, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Research Interests: Computational cognitive neuroscience

Lawrence Jackson, English/History (Bloomberg); Research Interests: African American literature, literary history, biography, American history

Jessica Johnson, History/Center for Africana Studies; Research Interests: Women, gender, and sexuality in the African diaspora, histories of slavery and the slave trade, and digital history and new media

Yumi Kim, Biology; Research Interests: Chromosome dynamics during meiosis

Yi Li, Physics and Astronomy; Research Interests: Condensed matter physics theory

Mauro Maggioni, Mathematics (Bloomberg); Research interests: Harmonic analysis, wavelets, multiscale analysis, and machine learning problems

Ulrich Muller, Biology (Bloomberg); Research interests: hearing loss and brain development, the molecular workings behind auditory impairment

Sarah Parkinson, Political Science; Research Interests: Comparative politics, political violence, Middle East and North African politics, social network theory, qualitative methods, refugees

John Quah, Economics; Research Interests: Microeconomic theory

Ünver Rüstem, History of Art; Research Interests: Art and architecture of the Islamic world

Yannick Sire, Mathematics; Research Interests: Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, real and complex geometry

Elizabeth Thornberry, History; Research Interests: History of gender, sexuality, empire, and law in Southern Africa and across the continent

Daniel Viete, Earth and Planetary Sciences; Research Interests: Metamorphic petrology, structural geology, tectonics

Carl Wu, Biology (Bloomberg); Research Interests:  Eukaryotic chromatin structure and function. Biochemistry of nucleosome remodeling and gene transcription, and live cell-single molecule imaging of histone and nuclear protein dynamics

Alan Yuille, Cognitive Science (Bloomberg); Research Interests: Computational models of vision, mathematical models of cognition, and artificial intelligence and neural networks