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Major Infatuation: Economics

Tell us why you love your major.

“Economics is a way to learn about people: how we think, how we make choices, and how we maximize happiness. With every class I become more analytical, perceptive, and inquisitive. It is a major that transforms your worldview.” 

Chikaneme Orioha ’21,
Double major in psychology

“I can’t think of a single topic that economics can’t explain in some fashion. Whether it’s health care, politics, or even secondary education, economics concepts are critical to understanding today’s society.” 

Mohammed Mumtaz ’21,
Double major in medicine, science, and the humanities

“Economics allows us to study human decision-making on very small and very large scales, providing answers to questions like ‘Is my college tuition a good investment?’ or ‘How does the U.S. stock market affect the global economy?’ It has taught me that there are complex trade-offs in any choice we make and, most importantly, that there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Tess Snyder ’21,
double major in applied Math (whiting school of engineering)

“Economics helps me better understand how the world works. Having a background in economics will be vital in my public health career. It is a great way to think about solving many of the world’s problems and understanding economics can help you come up with better and stronger solutions.” 

—Jeremy Costin ’21,
double major in public health studies