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Major Infatuation: Public Health

Tell us why you love your major.

“What makes public health appealing to me is that in order to achieve goals like reducing disease and injury, eliminating health disparities, and maximizing the well-being of the population, being interdisciplinary is not just favorable, but a must. Having the ability to integrate all fields of study, public health creates space for people with differing interests and expertise to come together and contribute to initiatives that benefit us all.” 

—Abena Otu-Adum ’23  

“The goal of public health is to help better our lives: increasing quality of life, promoting health, and preventing illness. Studying public health changes your perspective completely and inspires you to create active change in your life and society, to help everyone lead healthy, happy lives.” 

—Rubi Ramirez ’21

“If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me what my major even means, I’d probably have enough to fund a research study. People tend to think that public health is just pandemics or health inspections, but it’s much more than that: exploring areas like social media, racism, climate change, immigration, and practically everything else.” 

—Charlie Nguyen ’21  

“The public health major has taught me about the roles that STEM, social science, and humanities all have in addressing issues on the community level. It has shown me how health disparities occur as a result of design and policy choices, and that we all have a responsibility to change how these decisions are made.”

—Caroline Cerilli ’22