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Major Infatuation: Physics and Astronomy

Tell us why you love your major.

“I love being able to study what feels truly fundamental to me, be it the tiniest particles, the biggest stars, or even the nature of space and time.” 

Jake Hassan ’21 

“Studying physics gives me a unifying perspective of the world around me, from the way milk diffuses in my teacup to how stars move across the night sky. The blessing and curse of physics is that there are always more questions than answers.” 

Vedant Chandra ’21 

“I love physics because it is a beautiful description of our world, and I love the JHU physics department because it encourages this love through exciting research.” 

Zubia Hasan ’21 

“I love physics and astronomy because I have always been fascinated by maps and what they can tell us. As an experimental cosmologist, I am involved directly in building instruments to map the sky and help us better understand the earliest moments of our universe.” 

Ben Keller ’21