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Hopkins Film and Media, Then and Now


Twenty-four years after this photo appeared in Johns Hopkins’ 1971 Hullaballoo yearbook, the Film and Media Studies program was launched in response to swelling student interest in film and media. In the program’s first five years, the number of majors grew from five students to 27. Do you know who this student is? Please contact us at [email protected]


Today, the Film and Media Studies program (FMS) typically hosts about 30 majors and 15 minors, and the largest number of double majors among the humanities. The program combines an industry education with a rigorous curriculum to foster critical understanding and historical knowledge of film and media, as in this 2019 shot of Amanda Pak ‘22 in an Introduction to Film Production course. Most of the program’s graduates plan a career in some aspect of film or media. 

1971 student holding camera 2019 student holding camera