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Why JHU Students Love Being a Classics Major

“My favorite part about studying classics is how I’m always surprised by just how similar we can be to the people of antiquity. Reading classical texts featuring children rebelling against overbearing parents, poems by grown men hurling sexual insults at their rivals, and tales of displaced peoples seeking a place to call home serves as a reminder of the humanity we all share across time and space, even when society seems to change so much around us.”
Humza Qureshi ’23 
“I love studying classics in part because it teaches you to think both critically and creatively, whether you’re finding the right word to translate a text or creating a science fiction narrative like that of ancient historiographers. More than that, though, studying classics allows me to learn about and be in conversation with the ancient cultures and people who have helped shape our modern societies.” 
Noa Vineberg ’23
“Being a classics major has enabled me to not only examine landmark pieces of ancient Western literature closely but also to study their lasting impacts on society. This mixing of ancient and modern has given me a unique perspective on classical antiquity brought into a broader historical and even global sphere that has helped deepen my understanding of these great works in context.” 
Ankita Sen ’24
“I love classics because I am interested in languages, history, and reading texts in the languages that they were written in. I also really enjoy taking small classes with professors who are passionate about classics.”    
Amy Kronenberg ’24