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Issue: Spring 2024, Volume 21, Number 2


A group of cadets on their morning run around Homewood Field.

Shared Purpose with Johns Hopkins ROTC

Johns Hopkins ROTC battalion struggles and triumphs together.

Cosmic Visions: Contemplating our Place in the Cosmos

Cosmic Visions creates opportunities to probe the history, philosophy, politics, and aesthetics of the humanistic and scientific view of our cosmos.

William E. Connolly

Following the Course of Major Problems

William E. Connolly, considered a giant in political theory, talks about the discipline as a way to solve the world’s problems.

Reconstructing Earth History

Krieger School students visited California, just outside Death Valley National Park, during an Immersive Field Experience course.


Bringing Asian American History to Life 

Krieger School sophomore Alexander Chang co-wrote the recently released Fighting to Belong, a graphic novel about Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander history.

Institute for Planetary Health Aims to Address Today’s Earth Crisis

The new Johns Hopkins Institute for Planetary Health will address how human health is related to the health of the planet.

Hopkins Semester Gives Hopkins Students Gateway to DC

The new Hopkins Semester D.C. program gives Krieger School students a chance to work and learn in the nation’s capital.

In the Field: Public Health Studies

Students in the Public Health Studies program volunteer at Harriet Lane Clinic.


An Analysis of Changing Press Freedoms in Hong Kong  

In her new book, A Free Press, If You Can Keep It: What Natural Language Processing Reveals About Freedom of the Press in Hong Kong, Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, associate teaching professor, looks at the changes in press freedom.

Underwriting Souls with Alexandre White

Assistant Professor Alexandre White discusses his work on Underwriting Souls, a public, digitized archive of documents related to insurance that made the transatlantic slave trade possible.

Fathoming Protein Organization

Margaret Johnson’s lab studies dynamical systems in biology, seeking to mathematically quantify how large molecules naturally organize into the complex rudiments for life.


Ask the Professor with Andrew Gordus

Andrew Gordus’s lab uses two model organisms to study the cellular and genetic mechanisms that drive novel and innate behaviors, and how organisms sense and adjust to environmental variability.

Diagnosing Party Politics, and a Way Forward 

Daniel Schlozman discusses his new book, The Hollow Parties.

Beekeeping with Julia Burdick-Will

Julia Burdick-Will, associate professor in the Department of Sociology, talks about her beekeeping hobby.

Student Research

Easing the Impact of Strokes

Junior Molly Zhao is studying neuroscience and economics. We spoke with her about her research in stroke recovery.

Equality in Education and Health Care

Amy Li’s research focuses on student life at Johns Hopkins, especially the coeducation debate that dates back to the founding of Johns Hopkins in 1876.

Baltimore’s Chinese Community in Focus

Ethan Tan’s research on Baltimore’s Chinese community uses first-person stories to investigate how Chinese restaurants have been pivotal to the community.

Entwining Cognitive Quilting

Daniela Rodriguez ’24 uses textiles to express cognitive concepts, such as memory consolidation, in quilts and other woven structures.


Syllabus: Stagecraft

Bill Roche’s Stagecraft class teaches students the hands-on approach to technical and theoretical elements of theater production.


Collection Affection

Art historian Irene Kabala ’01 PhD discusses her collection of between 1,000 and 1,500 artifacts and works of art.

Stars in Her Eyes

Jennifer Lotz PhD ’03 was recently named director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Notable: Daniel Schlosberg

Alumnus Daniel Schlosberg is a Grammy-nominated pianist who has performed throughout the U.S. He has been teaching at the University of Notre Dame since 2005.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Retirement

Jerry Doctrow ’72 started a blog about retirement to help others navigate the complicated process and living well after retirement.

Your Pet’s Best Bet

Anne Chiruvolu ’10 gives her advice, as a small-animal veterinarian, on how to care for your pet and choose a vet.

On Campus

Prime Picks for Sips and Hangouts

We asked students about their top hangouts and favorite things to drink while studying and socializing.

And…ACTION! Hopkins in L.A.

Krieger School students network in Hollywood with studio executives, television writers, and more during intersession.