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Entwining Cognitive Quilting

Daniela Rodriguez ’24 has literally woven together her interests as a neuroscience major and visual arts minor. Through a textiles-based project, she is expressing cognitive concepts, such as memory consolidation, in quilts and other woven structures.

“I tried to find a way to make physical representations of abstract theories in cognition that often aren’t very accessible,” she says.

For instance, the use of cloth fibers evokes the interconnected nerve fibers in our brain. To represent tactile memories and their associations, Rodriguez has incorporated objects including oyster shells and daffodil stems between layers of fabric.

Rodriguez handcrafts some of her creations at the Center for Visual Arts and plans to display her work on Johns Hopkins’ campus. “I’ve always been interested in how disciplines can mix together,” she says.

Daniela Rodriguez holds up one of her large woven pieces.