Topic: syllabus

Syllabus: From Idea to Animation

Spring 2021

Students created hand-drawn characters and videos for Karen Yasinsky’s Animating Cartoons course last semester.

Syllabus: Acting Up

Fall 2018

In Acting I, John Astin '52 uses his six decades of acting experience to teach...

Syllabus: Zombies at Homewood

Spring 2018

In the course Zombies, students learn critical reading, thinking, and writing skills while exploring a...

Syllabus: Risky Business

Fall 2017

In Sex, Drugs, and Dynamic Optimization: The Economics of Risky Behavior, students explore how people...

Syllabus: Global (In)Security

Spring 2017

In Global Security Politics, students explore the political implications of weapons of mass destruction and...

Syllabus: Finding the Words

Fall 2016

Through the Department of Near Eastern Studies, a group of undergraduates is learning to decipher...

Syllabus: Seeing Stars

Spring 2016

Not every Nobel laureate chooses to teach an entry-level science course that includes freshmen, but...