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Issue: Fall 2012, Volume 10, Number 1


Presenting…The Brody Learning Commons

This new addition to the Homewood campus offers users a “transformative experience.”


Archaeology team digs up unexpected treasures in Egypt.

Help Wanted

Climbing to Success in Today's Job Market

It Really IS Rocket Science!

An astrophysicist and his team build a sounding rocket—from scratch—in a lab on the Homewood campus.


Andrei Gritsan

On July 4, 2012, researchers at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, announced the discovery of a new subatomic particle.

Welcome New Faculty

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences welcomed a talented group of new faculty members in 2012.

Physics and Astronomy Department Mourns Death of Professor

Professor Zlatko Tesanovic, widely admired as a theoretical condensed matter physicist, died on July 26.

Krieger School Welcomes Controversial Russian Scholar

After losing his job in Russia, Nikolay Koposov is now a guest professor at the Krieger School.

The EU Crisis: A Banking Perspective

Christopher Drennen ’95 served as lead technical negotiator during the sovereign restructuring of Greece.

Italy’s Gatekeeper of the Humanities

Christopher Celenza is the director of the American Academy in Rome, where he’s gaining a new view of how the arts and humanities intersect.

Keeping It Real in a Baltimore Jail

Zachary Athing ’13 tutors men in the Baltimore City Detention Center.


Sea Tales Inspire Former Inmate

A book—and its author—helped a former bank robber chart a new course for his life.

The Missing Perspective in the Middle East (and Elsewhere)

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein ’87 offers his unique perspective of the Arab Spring.

The Writing Life

Since earning her MA at Johns Hopkins in 1979, Louise Erdrich has written 13 novels.

It’s Hot: High-Tech Sentinel System for “Cold Chain” Process

Tom Smith ’11 is CEO of ESDA LLC, a high-tech startup he created with two friends during their freshman year.


Immigration Nations

Political Science Professor Michael Hanchard talks about why immigration is such a hot-button political issue.


Businesses want problems solved on the cheap, and soon-to-be college graduates want the attention of prospective employers. Enter MindSumo.

Becoming Muslim

Naveeda Khan wanted “to write a book that had the passion to legitimize Pakistan as a center of intellectual thought and creative expression.”

Con Men Characters of American Literature

Social Climbers and Charlatans in American Literature is a popular course in the English department.


How Free Is Free Will?

The nature of free will and moral responsibility is a discussion philosophers have been having for centuries. Now neuroscientists are adding to the conversation.

Mapping Out Global Health Care Systems

How do socioeconomic conditions affect life expectancy? Do people in countries with nationalized medicine live longer?

The Gilman Years — Before Johns Hopkins

While writing his thesis on Daniel Coit Gilman, Kevin Chun ’12 uncovered little-known facts about Johns Hopkins’ first president.

Waste Not, Want Not

Lily Newman ’12 traced the fascinating past of medical waste and various views on disposal methods.

Forging Connections Among Muslims

Rafee Al-Mansur and Mohamed Hamouda are producing a documentary film about African-American and immigrant Muslim communities in Baltimore.

Web Extras

Lab Tech Witnesses More Than a Half Century of History and Change at JHU

Gerri Chester has spent her entire 55-year career as a lab tech in the biology department.

Undergrads Curate Exhibit About Post-war Jewish Life in Baltimore

Jews on the Move explores the postwar relocation of Baltimore’s Jewish community from the city to the northwest suburbs of Baltimore County.

Professor’s New Film Puts Students to Work

When Matthew Porterfield’s eagerly awaited film debuts in early 2013, several Johns Hopkins film majors will be listed in the credits.