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Section: Spring 2023


Spring 2023

Looking out over the JHU lacrosse field.

Riding the Gravitational Waves

Spring 2023

Berti was recently awarded the 2023 American Physical Society’s Richard A. Isaacson Award in Gravitational-Wave...

Seeing Ancient Color

Spring 2023

The class "Ancient Color: The Technologies and Meanings of Color in Antiquity" helps students look...

Minimizing Wildfire Damage

Spring 2023

Neuroscience major Nandita Balaji is also the COO of InfernoGuard, a startup wildfire assessment tool...

Reining in Gun Violence

Spring 2023

Public Health Studies major Kobi Khong works with the Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions...

Community from Film 

Spring 2023

Film and media studies student Cierra Gladden created her thriller short, "Sundown," and made new...