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Film & Media Studies

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Film and Media Studies is an undergraduate program incorporating courses in film history, aesthetics, and theory; theory and practice in television, popular culture, and new media; and all aspects of 16mm film and digital video production, including narrative, documentary, animation, and experimental film. Students in the program begin making films almost immediately, and they are guaranteed to graduate with a professional portfolio. With personalized instruction and hands-on work, the program nurtures the talent of each student, with the view that they will become powerhouses in the film industry. As this webpage demonstrates, some of them are already on their way. The site features clips from faculty films, such as John Mann’s eerie and somewhat claustrophobic Running to Keep from Falling, and student productions that range from mysterious to painterly to haunting. Check it out. Who knows—you might be watching the early films of the next Steven Spielberg.

Film & Media Studies Student Films

Web Extra: The Spirit Farm
The Spirit Farm is a film collective comprised of graduates of The Johns Hopkins University’ s Film & Media Studies Program who currently work in the arts in New York, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. While its members may be scattered across the country, The Spirit Farm endeavors to create films that challenge traditional filmmaking conventions by emphasizing each member’s diverse talents and backgrounds, and establishing a more unified, cohesive filmmaking team. The collective is committed to producing interesting, inspiring, and innovative works of art.