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Why Students Love the Medicine, Science, and the Humanities Major

“The major has exposed me to material and coursework that I find to be immeasurably important as someone who wants to be a physician in the future. Medicine truly is about more than chemistry and biology: it involves people. This major enabled me to explore facets of health care that are too often overlooked, and I believe I will be a better doctor because of it.” 
Rachel Barros ’23 
“Through MSH I have discovered just how intertwined the humanities and health are. With a strong passion for both the sciences and Spanish, I’ve learned through MSH how to utilize both in a cohesive way, allowing me to approach medicine and health through a whole new lens. MSH’s core values are unmatched when it comes to emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary studies.”   
Sam Suh ’24
“MSH provides a unique, humanistic approach to medicine that pre-medical students cannot gain solely from their science courses. It allows students to understand both how medicine impacts—and is impacted by—culture and societal norms.” 
Sanjana Boyapalli ’22
“MSH reveals the deep-rooted flaws of our current health system while encouraging me to become an integral part of the solution. I cannot imagine going into any health profession without the strong interdisciplinary foundations and humanistic insight that MSH provides.” 
Noah Trudeau ’24