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Why JHU Students Love Earth and Planetary Sciences

The Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins offers two majors: Earth and planetary sciences, or environmental science and studies.

“Earth and planetary sciences is a scientific scavenger hunt. We use evidence from isotope chemistry, microbe and fossil biology, planetary observations, and mathematical modeling to uncover the histories of Earth, the moon, Mars, and other planets. I’ll never run out of questions to ask about the beautiful places I get to see.” 
Rachel Miller ’23, Earth and planetary Sciences Major 

“Environmental science and studies touches on every realm of science and has taught me so much about how everything we do impacts the environment. I love the community we’ve been able to build between students and faculty over the last four years. I also think the major is so important because not only do we deal with pressing issues like climate change, but we also look for solutions in almost everything we do.” 
Emmett Novick ’23, environmental Science and Studies Major

“Earth and planetary sciences is a fascinating interdisciplinary major that allows me to learn about the natural processes and materials that shape life on Earth as well as the workings of the universe through different scientific perspectives. What I study can feel so relevant and attributable to my own existence on our planet, while also continuing to be thought-provoking and curiosity-inspiring when I am learning about subjects that are, quite literally, out of this world.” 
Lily Kim ’25, Earth and Planetary Sciences Major

“My freshman year, I took an environmental science and studies class for fun because I cared about the Earth but didn’t know how I could turn that passion into a career. I quickly fell in love with the program and took it on as my major. That decision has changed my life, and allowed me to work in research labs, nonprofits, and a global sustainability department, all while studying something I am incredibly passionate about.” 
Emily Huang Javedan ’23, Environmental Science and Studies Major