Stories by Mary K. Zajac

Field of Dreams—and Stats

Spring 2014

Rany Jazayerli’s '95 analytical approach has added a whole new dimension to the world of...

Learning from History

Spring 2014

Political science professor Steven Teles teaches a class called Policy Errors, Mistakes and Disasters: Learning...

Food and the City

Fall 2013

Yael Fishbein ’14 counts the number of shoppers entering the 32nd Street Farmers Market in...

Top of the Pops

Fall 2013

Emily Bihl '13’s blog Rye & Rivet has been her platform for sharing profiles of...

A Hunger to Write

Fall 2013

For the past year, Jami Attenberg ’93 has been on the road promoting her critically...

Finding Truth in Family Fictions

Spring 2013

Sociology Professor Katrina Bell McDonald’s course The African-American Family culminates with the Black Family Saga...

The Writing Life

Fall 2012

Since earning her MA at Johns Hopkins in 1979, Louise Erdrich has written 13 novels.