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Section: Alumni

The ClearMask Difference

Fall 2018

Allysa Dittmar ’14, ’17 (BSPH) has developed a transparent surgical mask to improve operating room...

Pianist of the Ages

Fall 2018

Jenny Lin ’94, ’98 (Peab), a Peabody-trained pianist, has spent two decades performing around the...

Man vs. Volcano

Fall 2018

Don Swanson ’64 (PhD) is a volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Study, studying Hawaii’s erupting...

True Blue

Spring 2018

Edward Gillespie ’04 (MLA) is a detective who teaches in-service courses to police officers.

Finding Authentic Voices

Spring 2018

Teri Weiss ’89 is senior vice president, head of preschool at DreamWorks Animation Television.