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Issue: Fall 2019, Volume 17, Number 1


Who’s Watching Now?

With the world of journalism undergoing seismic shifts, what do democratic societies have to lose and/or gain? Our alumni journalists weigh in.

photo of Gilman Hall at dusk


A cool Wednesday in June wrapped up with a glorious evening sky over Keyser Quad.

photo collage portrait of Edwin Hall

The Hall Effect

One of the most underappreciated achievements in modern physics, which led to an indispensable tool for measuring the strength of electromagnetic fields, happened 140 years ago at Johns Hopkins.

image of forged document

The Art of Faking It

By tapping into a rich trove of literary phonies, forgeries, and frauds, two professors and their students are discovering truths about authenticity, authority, and believability—skills particularly essential in today’s world of fake news.


Faculty Awards

The latest recognitions of our stellar faculty.

New Bloomberg Distinguished Professors

Matthew Kahn, Ian Phillips, and Hanna Pickard have joined Johns Hopkins University as Bloomberg Distinguished Professors.

Bringing the University to the Community

Professor Lawrence Jackson wants to bring Johns Hopkins to the masses, in particular to the Baltimore masses. That’s why the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of History and English started the Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts.

Seen & Heard: Veena Das

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Seen & Heard: Yascha Mounk

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Humanities Legend Richard Macksey Dies at 87

Humanities legend Richard A. Macksey ’53, MA ’54, PhD ’57 died in July. He was 87.


On Instagram, we try to capture the depth and beauty of the Homewood campus and student life through an Arts and Sciences lens.

Major Infatuation: English

Students tell us why they love their major.

In Memoriam

We remember Richard A. Zdanis, professor of physics; Bert F. Green, professor of psychological and brain sciences; and Steven Zucker, professor of math.

Seen & Heard: Lester Spence

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Seen & Heard: Ho-Fung Hung

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Snapshot: From the office of Steven David

Take a peek into the office of this professor from the Department of Political Science and see the keepsakes that remind him of his students and his travels.

Big Ideas

What Are You Reading?

Our professors talk about books.

Laura Di Bianco

Laura Di Bianco explores how women in Italy can assert themselves in the male-dominated film industry and artistic scene, how women in film represent themselves, and how they address other women.

Syllabus: A close look inside the classroom

Students in sociology lecturer Mike Reese’s Introduction to Urban Studies course researched current challenges in cities around the country and presented their recommendations.

Chaz Firestone

Chaz Firestone asks whether people can think like computers.

Bookshelf: From the Grounds Up

Casey Marina Lurtz’s new book, From the Grounds Up, details how the Mexican district of Chiapas connected to the global economy through coffee.

More Faculty Books

New publications from Krieger School faculty.

Student Digest

The Good Fight

The Community Impact Internships Program pairs undergrads with Baltimore nonprofits and government agencies, offering real-world experience to participants and support to city groups.

Field Notes: Giving Back, Giving Thanks

Senior neuroscience major Deeya Bhattacharya propels herself into both academic and campus life.

Sports Bits

News headlines in Hopkins sports.

Five Questions: Kerrie Carden

Kerrie Carden is director of student ventures for FastForward U, Johns Hopkins’ hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Field Notes: Healing Our Healthcare

Senior Pavan Patel serves as a researcher for the Johns Hopkins Drug Access and Affordability Initiative, which develops policy recommendations to control pharmaceutical and health care costs.

Field Notes: Seoul Searching Summer

Senior political science major Jessup Jong spent the summer as a policy research assistant at the Harvard Medical School Program in Global Surgery and Social Change.

By the Numbers: Class of 2023

Meet the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences class of 2023.

Field Notes: Semester Abroad

Conducting scientific research at sea is challenging—you’re isolated, subject to rough weather, and must rely solely on the supplies and equipment on board. Conducting scientific research at sea on a 134-foot brigantine, a type of two-masted sailing ship, is even more challenging. But it can also be a grand adventure. Senior Cecilia Howard discovered this […]


Real Life, Magnified

Rachel Masilamani ’99 has fashioned a love of drawing and narrative into a running commentary on modern life in cartoon form.

Hallie Jackson: CV

Journalist, anchor, reporter, and correspondent

Alumni Kudos: Fall 2019

A round of applause for what our alumni have accomplished.

Alumni to Watch: Fall 2019

An Air Force program manager and a civil rights policy advisor. Our alumni are going places.

Paying it Forward

Adam J. Milam ’08, the first African American chief resident in anesthesiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, hopes to return to Baltimore and continue his work in both anesthesiology and public health research.

Canning Up Culture

The company Marian Leitner-Waldman ’09 co-founded two years ago is selling close to 1.5 million cans of wine per year.