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Issue: Fall 2013, Volume 11, Number 1


A New Era for Science

The fall semester marked the opening of the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories, rising in a graceful sweep of glass, air, and light. Nestled next to the Bufano Sculpture Garden hillside, the labs form the fourth side of the Mudd/Levi/Biology Hall complex. Here is where biology, chemistry, neuroscience, and biophysics will be taught in some inventive new […]

In the Margins

Meet two academic sleuths who are looking in places long ignored to discover new things about old texts.

Food and the City

Students explore food options for Baltimore’s low-income residents.


From the Classroom to the Classroom

Five recent Krieger School graduates make up the first cohort of a program designed to support undergraduates who want to make a difference in urban schools.

Exploring the New Physics of Inflation

Three Johns Hopkins University theoretical physicists have received a $1.3 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation to develop new ideas for the origin of the universe and alternative ways to test those ideas.

Minor in Art Makes Its Debut

After nearly 40 years as an outlet for student creativity, the visual arts program at the Krieger School has become a full academic minor.

Learning From My Learning Disorder

Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Tess Thomas ’14 didn’t know what the future held for her, but she did know one thing: she was going to keep moving forward.


Resilience Amid the Rubble

Every new leader faces a baptism-of-fire moment, but few have it as rough as Gail McGovern ’74 did when she became president and CEO of the American Red Cross in 2008.

A Hunger to Write

For the past year, Jami Attenberg ’93 has been on the road promoting her critically acclaimed third novel, The Middlesteins. Now she can return to what she loves most: writing fiction.

Exploring the Ancestral Homeland

Raffi Wartanian ’08 recently returned from his ancestral homeland of Armenia after 10 months there as a Fulbright fellow.

Capturing the Faces of Addiction

The photography of Chris Arnade, PhD ’94, as seen in his Flickr series, “Faces of Addiction,” exposes a range of human experience in the South Bronx.


An Investment Worth Making

Gregory F. Ball, vice dean for science and research infrastructure, talks about what happens when scientific research goes under the federal budget knife.

Cool student videos, super-easy navigation, colorful “fields of study” pages—these are just a few of the features you can find in the newly designed Krieger School of Arts and Sciences website.

Down to "The Wire"

Peter Beilenson uses episodes from the popular television series to illustrate how city institutions have failed to cure Baltimore’s public health problems.

The Transformative Power of the Word

In her new novel Someone, Writing Seminars faculty member Alice McDermott uncovers the beauty and poignancy beneath the stuff of everyday life—birth, death, love, marriage, faith, work.


Abby Harri ’14 and Michael Nakan ’14: Searching for Justice

Abby Harri and Michael Nakan are collaborating on Baby Booking, a documentary that paints a picture of the state of juvenile justice in Baltimore.

Elizabeth McIntosh ’14: No Faerie Tale

Elizabeth McIntosh’s project focuses on the influence of Elizabeth I’s patronage on Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

Sarah Horton ’14: Immigration and Housing

Sarah Horton is using her Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award to investigate why many Hispanic immigrants choose to come to Baltimore.

Eric Wan ’14: Seeking Quality of Life

Eric Wan is working with researchers from the School of Medicine to measure the quality of life of women across the different procedures and stages of breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery.

Alessandra Villarreal ’14: Piecing Together Fragments

Alessandra Villarreal’s research took her to Cahal Pech, an archaeological site in Belize, to analyze and interpret Pre-classic Maya architecture.

Heshy Roskes ’14: Smashing Particles

Physics and astronomy major Heshy Roskes used his research award to travel to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, to work on the famed Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Diana Jeang ’14: Seeking Immunity

The goal of Diana Jeang’s research is to determine what biological and immune factors in the vaginal mucosa may inhibit or favor the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women.

Samuel Chirtel ’14: Tales of Istanbul

Sam Chirtel will graduate in June with a degree in biophysics, but he may be well on the road to being a novelist.

Web Extras

Spotlight on: Krieger School’s Popular Film and Media Studies Program

As the Film and Media Studies Program approaches its 20th anniversary, it continues to grow at a dynamic pace.

Top of the Pops

Emily Bihl ’13’s blog Rye & Rivet has been her platform for sharing profiles of heritage craftspeople, small batch spirits, and recipes for retro cocktails. This summer, Bihl created the Rye & Rivet pop-up shop as an extension of her blog and a way to spotlight products and makers showcased there.

Abby Harri ’14 and Michael Nakan ’14: Searching for Justice

Abby Harri and Michael Nakan are collaborating on Baby Booking, a documentary that paints a picture of the state of juvenile justice in Baltimore.