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Section: Alumni

Border Crossings

Spring 2019

William Brumfield’s books on Russian architecture have won him considerable acclaim.

Camera Ready

Spring 2019

Rachel Witkin ’14 has been rising through the ranks of NBC’s television news division and...

Halting Epilepsy in Its Tracks

Spring 2019

Alexander Rotenberg ’93, a neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, is working to prevent epilepsy after...

The ClearMask Difference

Fall 2018

Allysa Dittmar ’14, ’17 (BSPH) has developed a transparent surgical mask to improve operating room...

Pianist of the Ages

Fall 2018

Jenny Lin ’94, ’98 (Peab), a Peabody-trained pianist, has spent two decades performing around the...

Man vs. Volcano

Fall 2018

Don Swanson ’64 (PhD) is a volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Study, studying Hawaii’s erupting...