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Section: Big Ideas

Syllabus: From Idea to Animation

Spring 2021

Students created hand-drawn characters and videos for Karen Yasinsky’s Animating Cartoons course last semester.

Words of Faith

Spring 2021

Niloofar Haeri, professor of anthropology and chair of the Krieger School’s Program in Islamic Studies,...

What’s Old is New Again

Spring 2021

Emily Anderson, assistant professor of classics, and her team of 11 students are examining how...


Spring 2021

Assistant Professor Thomas Kempa uses chemistry as a tool to sculpt nano and quantum materials,...

More Faculty Books

Fall 2020

Faculty books published in 2020 that focus on democracy, divinity, the business of science and...

What are you reading?

Fall 2020

Kali-Ahset Amen, Assistant Research Professor, Sociology, Associate Director, Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts   I just...